Your Haven Counselling Eating Disorders Therapy
Cambridge and Wilburton / Ely

"I expect a part of you welcomes the thought of change and part of you might be concerned about it"

"Who will I be without my disorder?"
"How else will I cope with life?"
"If I stop purging I will gain weight"
"Part of me does not want to change eating disorder rules"

As your Counsellor and Therapist I will consider the whole of you and this will be reflected in the approach to the multifaceted aspects of your eating disorder. We will work together at your pace but I will challenge and use the resistances, deflections and excuses of the eating disorder as part of the therapy.

The following is a brief outline of the collaborative work involved in the eating disorder therapy.

We will use motivational therapy to assess and encourage your Willingness and Motivation to engage in the therapy
I am aware that there will be an ambivalence to change. Your eating disorder occupied a large part of you. We will acknowledge and explore this Ambivalence and Resistance to Change by looking at the pros and cons of change.
There will be eating disorder Payoffs and the pros and cons of having an eating disorder will be looked into.

Therapy aims to attend to the Physical side of the Eating Disorder at the beginning addressing your Relationship with Food; your food world and faulty food scripts, dieting, weight conflict. Work will proceed towards the gentle establishment of Nutritional Rehabilitation

The Psychological aspects of the Eating Disorder will then be incorporated into the therapy focusing on the eating disorders mindset such as faulty thinking and perceptions and the emotional dysregulation and its management.

We will hope to explore:
the Predisposing
the Precipitating and
the Perpetuating factors

This will involve exploring relationships, self-esteem, lifestyle and stress, habits and rituals, nutrition, eating disorder mindset, body image, perfectionism, assertiveness, emotional resilience and regulation of the many emotions involved such as anxiety, depression, shame and guilt.

There will be a fair amount of Psycho-Education looking at blood glucose curves and the physiology of the body plus the de-mystifying and reframing of eating disorder myths. There will be homework tasks and on-going monitoring.

We will also undertake work on Relapse Prevention. The journey does not promise to be easy and encountering setbacks is part of the learning and recovery. Attention will be paid to self-care, mindfulness therapy and compassion therapy as you undergo the healing process.

Therapy will shift you from the Eating Disorder control to you having autonomy of the Self.

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